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Thermostats & Parts for 2022 Land Rover Defender 90

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2022 Land Rover Defender 90

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Thermostat Unit O-Ring
MSRP $7.47
Part Number: LR140792
Land-Rover Land-Rover
Other Names: Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing O-Ring, Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Gasket, Thermostat Gasket, Thermostat O-Ring, O-Ring
Replaces: LR166310
Description: 3.0L primary. O-Ring. Discovery. 3.0L, main.
Notes: Included with thermostat.
MSRP $108.79
Part Number: LR121415
Land-Rover Land-Rover
Other Names: Outlet Hose, Radiator Coolant Hose, HVAC Heater Hose, Heater Hose, Hose - Throttle
Description: 3.0L primary. Outlet hose. Heater hose. 3.0L, main. 3.o liter i6 mhev, main, to throttle body.
Radiator Coolant Hose Adapter
MSRP $50.49
Part Number: LR137626
Land-Rover Land-Rover
Other Names: Connector Hose, Hose, Radiator Coolant Hose, Hose - Coolant B
Replaces: LR121403
Description: 3.0L primary. Connector hose. 3.o liter i6 mhev, main, to cylinder head. 3.0L main.
Water Hose
MSRP $56.90
Part Number: LR128310
Land-Rover Land-Rover
Other Names: Engine Coolant Pipe, Hose - Coolant B
Description: 3.0L. Water hose.
Water Inlet Pipe
MSRP $137.74
Part Number: LR133667
Land-Rover Land-Rover
Other Names: Inlet Pipe, Engine Coolant Pipe, Hose - Cooling S
Replaces: LR123722
Description: 3.0L turbo. Inlet pipe.

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